My Art

I work in all media forms, but I am especially at home with a pencil. These are some samples of my art, which have been published in my books, as book covers, and booklet covers

I'm taking an art course to learn some techniques with pencils ~ this is my first project.

The Færen Lands  book cover and original pencil drawing

The Fearless Princess: pencil

The Warrior Princess: I manipulated the original pencil drawing below in Photoshop as an illustration for my book: In Times Like These

Three of my grandchildren: pencil

Helmet and 2 Headed Dragon: pencil illustrations for my children's book: The Bumbling Sir Hector

Buckeye leaf and fruit: pencil

Shofar: created entirely in a computer paint program.

The Laundry Warrior: pencil illustration for a book cover

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