Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Stop Trying To Save This Planet . . .

Just as beauty fades with age, the beauty of this world, though still apparent in some places, is swiftly fading away. And it is all by design, for the Lord does not want us trying to save this planet or making it better, He wants us to spend time trying to save those who are lost and facing an eternity apart from Him . . . in hell.

We need to wrap our minds around a realm without time constraints~a place of UN-ending beauty and pure joy~a place, it is said in the Scriptures, that God is preparing with things our finite minds cannot dream of or imagine! The truth is, this world is destined to be destroyed, for it bears the ugly scars of wars, the ravages of time and weather, along with the pollution brought about by mankind's misuse and abuse~all results of our sin and rebellion against God. Read II Peter 3 and get a sense of what God desires of us, while we are still here. Until the Lord returns, we can only make the world a better place by making sure the inhabitants hear the pure Word of God and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, His Son!

In His Love,

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Way of Grace

There is no grace like that of the forgiveness of sins received from a righteous Holy God. And we, who are recipients of His grace, would do well to walk each day in a humbled attitude of grateful praise and thanksgiving! For we are immortals trapped in mortal bodies prone to sin, until the moment we are set free and enter eternity, clothed in perfection. No one, save those who are raptured at His appearing, can escape death, but we were created to live forever beyond the grave, either in God's presence to enjoy the unimaginable beauty and wonder He has prepared for us, or to spend an eternity apart from Him in darkness and torment. This is the reality set before each one of us, and we have but to choose which destination will be ours.

I pray you choose life eternal: Romans 10:1-13

In His Love,

Thursday, April 28, 2016

How Can It Be~ Lauren Daigle

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In His Love,

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hero Hysteria . . .

The World is clamoring for a Hero. And if someone rises with promises to right the wrongs, feed the hungry and bring peace to war-torn nations, he will be welcomed with adoration and praise and  . . . Worship! He will deceive Many, but they won't realize it until it's too late!

My Hero is coming back in clouds of glory to right the wrongs, feed and nurture the hungry, and bring peace to war-torn nations! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Yeshua is Messiah, and He will reign as a righteous King over all the earth.

Please accept Him now. Don't be deceived . . .

In His Love,

Friday, March 18, 2016

Broken . . .

You can only apologize so much for any hurt, or offense you've caused someone in the past. If they can't or won't forgive and see that you've changed, and that your remorse is truly sincere and your apology from your heart, then you have no other option but to let them go and to continue on without them in your life. That doesn't mean you give up on them, but it means you need to give the matter over to the Lord and trust He will work to mend the broken bond between you.

God has called us to peace, and Jesus said that peacemakers are blessed. It's unfortunate some would rather cause division and hold on to their anger. Rather than heal or let someone else heal, they choose to harbor resentment and wear it like a medal to solicit pity and attention. You cannot change another's heart, you can only offer an olive branch . . .they must reach out and take it.

Please Forgive and Forget ~ God does! He also says those who do not forgive cannot be forgiven by Him . . . sober warning!

In His Love,

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Red Sky in the Morning . . .

       The world is not continuing as it has in the past, regardless of what the mainstream media portrays or what (false) pastors are preaching from pulpits. What is happening today is unprecedented. Signs are everywhere: in the skies, in the ground, in the air, in the nations . . . yet few take the warnings seriously ~ in fact, most refuse to take heed at all. They don't care to be warned, for they don't believe there is anything to be warned about. And so they carry on, as if nothing of significance is taking place, even while the world around them continues to succumb to the forces of evil, leaving unimaginable death and destruction in its wake.
        Until those, who are blinded by their own arrogance or indifference, are directly affected, they do not want be bothered with undisputed facts. They will continue to see only what they want to see, and to hear only what they want to hear, and, being so deceived, they will mock and scoff and even become angry to the point of persecuting (or worse) those who love them enough to point out the truth.
       Yet God forbid that I would cease to warn, though daily am I tempted to give up, for then would I be responsible for the lives of those who might have had their eyes opened to the truth of what's coming upon the world as we know it, and to put their hope and trust in the Lord before it's too late. Unless God takes me out of here, or tells me to not warn any more, I will continue to pray for my family, for Israel, and for an ungodly world and its ungodly leaders . . . especially this nation.
      If you believe in and love the Lord, I hope you will take a stand with me. If you don't know or believe in Jesus, I hope you will give your life over to Him today, before it's too late to ask for forgiveness and to be reconciled with God. The choice is always yours . . . and He is always waiting to extend His love and mercy!
In His Love,