Monday, January 28, 2013

Trials in a Different Light

Early morning sunrise...pretty, but dull, boring and with nothing happening. It will become another sunny day with no clouds, no rain or storms, and basically produce a lifeless wasteland. No worries, no cares, like our hearts when there are no trials or struggles to go through, and we become unproductive and complacent. Why would we need to pray or run to the Lord when everything is just fine?
By contrast, this morning is alive with intense colors, motion, excitement and the promise of life-giving rain! The threat is real and takes us to our knees in prayer. Our faith is tested, our hope is challenged, and the storm produces patience, and perseverance as we drop to our knees and trust in the One who stills the storms. 
The difference between the two is a barren desert...or a garden of beauty and abundance. 
Maybe we should look at our trials in a different light!
In His Love,

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