Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Feathered Introspect

Gaining the trust of birds, so that they come to the feeders or allow me to stand close by and photograph them, is a source of limitless pleasure. I love the 3rd dimension they bring to my reality,  and watching them is a never-ending classroom. Each species has an attitude or mannerism that endears them as I observe and contemplate their habits.  From my fearless Groucho Nuthatch, to the Sassy Chickadees, the Grumpy-Faced Chipping Sparrows, and Teasing Hummingbirds, my world is never dull or without a measure of self examination. I'm so thankful for them. There is a joy that birds can bring into our lives, if we stop "the merry-go-round" for a while and let them alight on our hearts, and we just might learn a thing or two while we're sitting still.

In His Love,

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