Thursday, January 02, 2014

It's Dark Outside....

The second day of January, 2014... what will the New Year bring?
So far, lots of snow and dark, gloomy skies. But... God!! Here, in the midst of snowy, freezing weather with no sunrises or sunsets, the Lord brought a spot of brightness into the early dawn with this gorgeous feathered creature! Even in the dark, with system snow coating the air like waterfall mist, the birds need to eat to stay alive. Rain or Shine. The Lord said they don't worry about anything, for our Heavenly Father takes care of them, and we are even more important to Him. So, whatever this new year brings, we have this confidence: God will take care of us...even in the dark, even in inclement weather, even in 2014!

In His Love, Always!

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