Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here and Ever After . . .

There are times when I can scarcely breathe~not in the physical sense, but in those "awww" moments when the beauty in nature and people leaves me spiritually breathless. Emotions are running unchecked these days over a number of issues, but in the midst of the chaotic clamor, God continues to give me inspirational breaks. When I feel like a failure, or that no one cares or understands; when I see the world spinning out of control, and I feel helpless and insignificant, the Lord leads me to witness a sunrise, or a splash of color along the shoreline at sunset, to see the sparkle in a Dragonfly's wings or feel the sudden "hum" of a Hummingbird as it hovers close by. Sometimes He prods me to smile at and greet a stranger or a child, and then allows me to see the light in their eyes come to life from that simple gesture . . . Moments of respite from the world waxing more evil by the day . . . That's my God!

In His Love,

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